In 1678, the Sulpicians granted the first concession at Pointe de Beaurepaire, also known as Pointe à Guenet.

Beaconsfield in its early years was an agricultural community divided into 28 farms.  Beaurepaire consisted of farms #1 to 12, which ran from the eastern border of Baie d’Urfé to Neveu.

It would be only in 1891 when James Thomson sold his farm (#7) to developers Jeremiah Cook & James Armstrong that the character of Beaurepaire would start to change.

The farming families started selling lots for the summer residents to build their homes; they then sold part of their farms to developers/contractors and eventually all of their farmland.

In the late 1910s but more in the early 1920s till the 1940s would families start to establish themselves as year round residents.