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 13 thomson 001.sizedEnjoy our Heritage P1350189zBuildings Art Gallery 

There is a tradition of a festive get-together in December open to all members and invitees. (RSVP required.) 

You have access to several reports available to members extracted from the data of our Heritage Buildings database that can be consulted according to the research needs:
    Historically Grouped list: by location or historical theme or context

    Heritage Buildings list: by construction date, from oldest to more recent

    Demolished Buildings list: by demolition date, from most recent to least recent

    Master Buildings list: by street name address


You can help us to remember and preserve our historical and architectural heritage by participating in updating our Heritage Buildings Database. This database will be used to improve our section under Places tab.

You have access to the minutes of past Annual General Meetings.

At the AGM, members approve the previous year's minutes, participate in meeting discussions, vote on issues and elect the board members. 

Any one interested in becoming an active board member is welcome. The board formally meets each month.

 We are also planning to have an expanded and more detailed version of the timeline in which you as a member can participate by adding more details! Initially we will only have this available in English.

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